Self-adhesive gel pads ensure an ideal hold without slipping. Replaceable after approx. one season


    Protective thickness allows you to focus on your game without worry


    Pleasant to wear with only 42g weight and easy to store


    Thanks to individual adjustment, it adapts to your leg

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Ideal for men, women and children.

Absolute freedom of movement for everyone, without any strain on the calf muscles.

And there is no reason to worry about leg hair either. The adhesive surface of the pad can be removed from the shin without having to worry about waxing.



We will send you a DIY KIT with all the necessary parts for customization. Watch the instruction video.

With proper care, the replaceable pads will last a whole season! You can find all the important information about caring for the shin guards in the care instructions.



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Which size suits me?

We offer the following sizes:


Ideal for unrestricted freedom and agile mobility
Length: 13.5cm
Weight: 42g


Larger protection zone while remaining light in contested situations
Length: 16.5cm
Weight: 64g

Of course, every player can choose their preferred size. It's best to compare the INIT NEXT with your current shin guards. Depending on whether you are happy with your current size or not, choose a similar or different size.

How do I get the custom fit of my shin guards?

You can find the fitting process in our video at the following link or on the inside of the packaging.

Link to instructions

These are the individual steps:

1. Fill the included spray bottle with water.

2. Hold the cover in the position you want and mark the top edge on your shin.

3. Pick a side and start with one leg. Pay attention to the markings on the left and right of the cover and pad for the correct arrangement.

4. Remove the white protective film from the cover and pad.

5. Using the spray bottle, spray your shin with a little water (approx. 5-10 sprays).

6. Put on the gloves provided to avoid staining the cast.

7. Take the cast out of the vacuum bag.

8. Place the layers appropriately on top of each other. The pad comes down with the care foil and the cast is placed on it. Now spray the cast with 5-10 sprays of water and place the INIT cover on the cast.

9. Remove the care film from the back. IMPORTANT: The care film must not be thrown away as it will still be needed!

10. Position the shin guards on your shin according to your marking and press it firmly.

11. The hardening process takes approximately 10 minutes. Meanwhile, regularly smooth your shin guard on your leg.

12. A few more sprays of water are needed for the first release from the shinbone. Apply the sprays onto the adhesive surface while slowly and carefully removing the shin guard. In everyday use, it is not necessary to use water when removing the shin, as the shin guard can be easily removed through sweat.

13. Place the care film back on the adhesive surface to keep the pad fresh and protected.

14. Repeat the process with the other leg.

For storage, you can pack your shin guards in the included INIT mesh bag. The mesh pocket is also the ideal place to store the care film while the protectors are in use. After use, the care film is reapplied to the adhesive surface. To optimally care for your shin guards, follow the care instructions provided.

What do I have to pay attention to when adjusting the shin guards to my legs?

The skin should be cleansed before applying creams, lotions, etc.
Ideally, mark the place where you want your shin guards to be attached beforehand.
Please use the gloves provided for the cast. As soon as the cast vacuum bag is opened, the hardening process begins. The more water gets on the cast, the faster it hardens.

During the adjustment process, you should press the shin guards firmly and smooth it regularly for 10 minutes. If the protector sticks too strongly when you remove it, spray the inside with a little water.

Make sure you don't mix up the shin guards (L for left and R for right).

How long can I use the gel pad?

According to our manufacturer, you can complete approx. 30 units (game/training) with the pad.

Proper care of the pad is very crucial and can significantly affect its adhesion ability. The better you look after your shin guards, the longer you will have on your pad. Please note the care instructions provided.

Is the gel pad skin-friendly?

Yes, only dermatologically tested material comes into contact with the skin.

If I have leg hair, do I have to worry about having the hair removed?

No. The adhesive surface of the pad can be easily removed from the shin without pulling out hair, so there is no need to worry about waxing.

How long do the shin guards take to harden?

As a rule, the shin guard needs around 30 - 45 minutes to harden (of which it should be on the shin for a maximum of 10 minutes).

It always depends on how much water you spray on the cast during the customization process. The more water the faster it hardens.

Can I use the shin guards immediately afterwards?

Theoretically yes. However, we recommend waiting approx. 2-3 hours.
This means you can be sure that the shin guards have really hardened completely.

Can I undo the customization of the shin guards?

No. Because the material hardens once, it is no longer possible to change the shin guard later.