This is init sports

Passion. Focus. Innovation.

The init-sports brand stands for the feeling of the athlete - 100% concentration on the essentials.

Our name also reflects this: being in the so-called “tunnel” and having full focus on the game. Because in sport the key to success is clear: be fully engaged and keep an eye on what's important. With innovative products, we want to enable all footballers to focus on their passion.


init-sports was created because of a well-known problem for footballers. Because of their protective function, shin guards are indispensable, but since the common models constantly slip and don't fit perfectly, they distract from the game. Many footballers perceive the pads as more of an annoying foreign body and not as functional protection for the shin.

Our team has been working on a solution for this for several years with countless prototypes made from various materials. By combining innovations from several application areas, we are now finally convinced that we have created a unique product.


We were named best start-up at the Marketing Saar Awards in 2023.

The INIT NEXT is the first shin guard that stays exactly where it should thanks to its individual adaptability and independent adhesion - and therefore does not require any additional holders in the form of sleeves, tape or rubber bands.